The IRL Social Network

Cirqle is easiest way to connect and share with the people you meet in•real•life.

How it works 🚀

Download the Cirqle app and create your profile.

Get a Cirqle device and activate it with your phone.

Share your profile and create connections with a tap.

Better than a handshake 🤝

Instantly exchange your contact info, socials, and more with anyone you meet.

A conversation starter 💬

Meet other users on Cirqle and you can tap to become friends.

Your personal webpage 🌐

Share your Cirqle profile as a link-in-bio on your favorite social platforms.

What people are saying 🤩

I would give this a 10 stars if I could!


I like tapping my card at the bar - great networking tool


A business card but better!


A fast, simple way to make connections!